Catch more ideal clients with a brand that makes waves.

Helping entrepreneurs navigate through a sea of competition by elevating their brand from “good enough” to memorable. (in as little as JUST 1 day)

You’re done with good-enough and so-so, and hungry for an OMG IT’S SO ME brand that’s irresistible to premium clients and joint venture partners. 

A brand that makes you want to sing “Let’s get visible, visible!” at the top of your lungs, Olivia Newton-John style 🙂

This requires an online presence that so confidently says “stage-worthy expertise” that you’ll have to hire a VA to organize your inbox full of opportunities! Stop hiding your life-changing talents! Step out into the spotlight with a BRAND, not just a stock logo and color palette.

I’m here to help and STEP 1 is to book a…..

Brand Compass™

This is a 90 minute conversation digging into your business journey – where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. After that, I’ll put together your personalized Brand Compass guidebook, charting the path to positioning you at the true level of your expertise.

You’ll know exactly what to do (and stop doing) to reach your business destination.

Then you can either choose to put the plan into action yourself, or hire me to take care of it for you.

Investment: $397*
*This cost is applied to the full project should you decide to move forward with me
(project packages range from $2500-$7,500

All projects start with this step. Let’s see if it’s a fit for you!

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Hi there, I’m Amanda.

My passion is designing brands, so that my client’s story is what shines through. For 15 years I’ve been an entrepreneur helping other women navigate the waters of bringing their story to life through their digital brand.

Raising a young family according to the ocean’s schedule means that I adapt to change really well, and this translates into the work I do. Being married to a lobster fisherman means I know how to roll with the waves.


Does your brand have a clear foundation?

Download my free Brand Compass™ Mini Workbook and use the prompts to help get ultimate clairty on your brands foundations.

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